School photo SOS – Brackley, Northants

Were you happy with this year’s school photos?

Or was it one of those days when their hair simply wouldn’t behave, they were just in a grump, they were away when the photos were taken, you wanted the picture with siblings but couldn’t get it done? Even the best photographers can only do so much to get you that perfect shot.

At some time or another most parents will have received the proofs of their child’s photo and thought… meh. If this is you this year and you would like to try again, BrightRisephotography will be setting up a pop-up photo studio in the Helmdon Reading Room from 15:20 to 17:30 on Weds 10th November.

If you’re local to Brackley, you can book your 10 minute slot for £5 by calling 07843 980351, emailing, or contacting us here. Proofs will be sent through to you by email shortly after and if you like them, they’re all yours as digital files for just £10.

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